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The ensemble "Nobilis" presents a program from the works of Antonio Vivaldi.

Antonio Vivaldi


Italian composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher, conductor, Catholic priest.
Vivaldi is the largest representative of the Italian violin art of the 18th century, who approved a new dramatic, so-called “Lombard” style of performance.
He created the genre of a solo instrumental concert, influenced the development of virtuoso violin technique. The master of the ensemble-orchestral concert is Concerto Grosso (concerto grosso). Vivaldi set for concerto grosso a 3-part cyclic form, singled out the virtuoso part of the soloist.
During his lifetime, he became known as a composer, capable of creating a three-act opera in five days and composing many variations on one theme. He became famous throughout Europe as a virtuoso violinist.
The musical heritage of Antonio Vivaldi was little known in the 18th-19th centuries, was forgotten for almost 200 years, and only in the 20s of the 20th century the Italian musicologist discovered collections of manuscripts of the composer. For a long time Vivaldi was remembered only because JS Bach did a number of transcriptions of the works of his predecessor, and only in the 20th century was the publication of the complete collection of instrumental opuses of Vivaldi undertaken.
Vivaldi's instrumental concerts were a stage in the formation of a classical symphony.

Concert venue — TUKAI-hall in the hotel “NOGAI”